From an early age I watched my mother live her life's passion for ballet. She followed her dream and went on to become a ballerina and ballet teacher. Some of my earliest memories revolve around ballet halls, watching the ballerinas drift across the floors, myself dreaming of becoming a ballerina and living in my pink leotard. My mother had made a life out of her passion and unbeknownst to me, showed me the joy of following your heart and own path in life.

This experience of beautiful, physical expression, dedication and discipline shaped my early years. As a young adult, I went on to dabble in modelling. Another art form. The modelling phase of my life ran its course and I took an interesting turn when I could no longer contain one of the other passions in my life "good food" and my size 8 pants.

When I finally relaxed and became comfortable in my own skin the modelling jobs starting coming from all directions as the demand for healthy looking women grew. I had stumbled onto a little niche and this work carried me through my University years and saw me working for companies such as Calvin Klein and Triumph lingerie. I had become the go to size 12 girl and I was pretty smitten I could have my cake and eat it too!

After university a French beauty company was searching for someone with a communication and public relations degree to be the Australian representative. That someone was me. This allowed me to travel throughout Europe learning the ropes of corporate business and exposing my world to amazing mentors. I learnt the importance of a quality brand and superb customer experience.

Learning from industry professionals I saw how important it was to produce a product of quality, which gave customers a genuine sense of intimacy with the brand. It was a wonderful time in my life and just the education I needed which would later serve as the foundation for creating homebodii.

Becoming a mother I was then taught one of my most important lessons, the art of patience and how special and fragile life was. I enjoy celebrating every special moment in life. Just ask any of my family or friends. I am a BIG birthday person.

I created homebodii to serve as a brand that see's women wearing our garments for all types of memorable occasions, whether that be for a bridal party, a gift for that special person in your life, the special time in hospital for the birth of your child, the go to garment for "me time" helping you feel feminine before and after that warm bath or while having that early morning cup of tea.

Homebodii is a brand focused around experience, quality, provenance and a true sense of wonder and I personally hope your experience with homebodii is a beautiful one.

Lots of love!

- Ingrid x

September 16, 2019 — Ashley Pilkinton

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