At Home with Hayley Cooper

We chatted with Hayley about the top 10 essential staple pieces that every girl should have in their wardrobe, and how to style them!

We’ve all looked at our wardrobe in despair, hoping the perfect outfit would jump out at us…but no more!

Renowned stylist Hayley Cooper talks us through the top 10 essential staple pieces that every girl should have in their wardrobe, to create the perfect outfit for any occasion!

As a trained Fashion Stylist, Hayley has a great deal of experience in the fashion industry. She has worked as the Fashion/Beauty Editor for an online magazine, Fashion Writer for several online publications and an Online Fashion Marketing Coordinator for various fashion businesses, all whilst establishing herself as a Fashion Stylist and Personal Stylist.

Here are Hayley’s all time favourite pieces, as well as her top tips on how to style them!

A little about you…

Winter or Summer? –Winter
Coffee or Tea? –Tea
Favourite colour? –Yellow
Go-to accessory? –Earrings

We think every girl should have a wardrobe that suits them and radiates their personality, but there are always some essentials that everyone should have! What are the top 10 pieces every girl should own?

1. Trans-seasonal shirt

is could be something like a linen shirt, or something that you could ideally that you could wear with jeans, and a camisole underneath if you need to layer! Or you could pack it in a suitcase and take it away with you if you’re travelling, to wear over the top of a dress, or with a linen shirt, for example, it could be worn undone and then you could tie it up at the front. You could wear a denim jacket on top if you wanted to, so it’s an all-year round kind of shirt!

Hayley’s Homebodii pick… Our Linen Long Sleeve PJ Set top works perfectly as your go-to trans-seasonal shirt.

2. Silky shirt

You could wear a silky shirt with jeans or fitted pants for work. It’s more of a luxe version of the trans-seasonal shirt, something that feels instantly dressed, and looks proper and smart with some earrings! It’s a step-up from the trans-seasonal casual, and something you could tuck into a high-waisted skirt or something like that.

Hayley’s Homebodii pick… Our Sabrina Long PJ Set top has your silky shirt needs covered, and doubles as a luxe PJ top!

3. Last minute smart casual outfit

This kind of varies, depending on what your smart casual lifestyle is like, and where you go on the weekend. Ideally, it’s an outfit that is your complete go-to that you could wear to a picnic, out to dinner, or if you’ve got a baby shower to go to! It’s a complete set of something that you know you feel good in, and that feels dressy enough for whatever your social life is.

4. Layering basic tops

Lace camis look so good with a blazer on top and some jeans! Or, you could go for a really simple cami, that you could put a printed jacket on top of. The v-neck style doesn’t chunk up the blazer, and looks really streamlined and feminine.

Hayley’s Homebodii picks… Our Astrid Cami Set top has a lace-lined neckline, adding that extra bit of detailed beauty to your outfit! Or, if you prefer a simple, classic look, our Jasmine Cami Set top comes in an array of subtle, feminine colours for any occasion!

5. Pants that aren’t jeans

This is something that you could comfortable wear around home, or in smart casual situations. They’re not casual jogger pants or chinos, but something that feels just dressy enough for social occasions.

Hayley’s Homebodii picks… Our Sabrina Long PJ Set pants make the perfect loungewear, or smart casual bottoms! Plus they have a tied top, to tuck camis or tops into!

6. Linen shorts

Linen shorts are perfect in summer! You could style them with a basic cami or cotton t-shirt, a denim jacket, and some sandals. It’s really practical, especially for Queensland summers!

Hayley’s Homebodii pick… Our Linen Long Sleeve PJ Set shorts are perfect for lounging in your home during summer, or you can upstyle them to create the perfect classy summer outfit. Check out our complimentary personalization on all PJ sets, and wear the set together, for a classy summery matching outfit!

7. Throwover

This is something that feels more polished than a knitted cardigan, but not necessarily a jacket or a blazer. They’re really easy with jeans, and especially when you’re working from home, when it’s just the top half of your body that is seen on a video call, or you feel a bit weird to wear a structured blazer at home! It’s nice to have something that’s not a cardigan or knitted jumper that you wear all the time.

Hayley’s Homebodii pick… Our China Doll Robe makes the perfect (and super comfortable!) polished throwover, especially when you’re working from home! Feel beautiful in your new WFH surroundings, plus it doubles as a morning or evening robe over your PJ’s!

8. Blazer

This can be work with laying cami tops, something structured and polished, but not corporate! You could wear it with jeans and sneakers, or printed pants and heels! It’s a classic layering piece that most people have, to bring any outfit together.

9. Denim Jacket

Not necessarily a big, boxy jacket, but something a little bit shorter with good panels around the waist line, so you can still wear it with dresses or skirts, and it won’t bulk up the hip area!

10. Jeans

A great pair of jeans that feel appropriate for casual wear can be worn with sneakers or sandals, or something to be work with boots for something more polished. Preferably these would be mid to high rise, so you’ve got the option for tucking tops in, or wearing a longer jacket! Black would be my first choice, depending on your wardrobe! If other items in your wardrobe tend to be heavy, darker colours, I would go for a light to mid wash, so everything’s not looking dark. If you’ve got more printed pieces, or things that are lighter up top, I would go for the black jeans!