Bridal beauty tips from an award-winning makeup artist

What is your go-to beauty advice for brides in the lead up to their big day?

“Consult with a reputable beauty therapist to get your skin in the best shape of its life! I love micro dermabrasion for a non-evasive, quick solution to dry, dull skin, as well as using a super hydrating moisturiser. I definitely wouldn’t suggest trying anything new close to the wedding in case you end up like Samantha did after she had a chemical peel in Sex and the City!”  


What are your favourite bridal beauty looks?

“My favourite makeup looks in general are always skin focused, keeping it as fresh and natural as possible. Pair with either a strong eye (not too crazy on the lashes) or even a super pared back natural eye look. It honestly depends on the face I’m working on, as some people really do look better with the less-is-more approach in my opinion.”  


What should brides-to-be avoid pre-wedding in terms of beauty? For example, spray tans the day before etc.

“I always recommend my brides who wish to have a spray tan to trial the tan first. Then for the tan for the big day, have it two days before, as fake tan does dehydrate the skin, can get stuck in the pores and generally looks more settled after a few showers.

For any facial hair removal, I do recommend one week prior to the wedding as foundation has a tendency to not stick to freshly waxed skin.  

I personally prefer no permanent fixtures such as lash extensions and especially not lash lifts. The lashes that I apply always look better than permanent lash extensions as you can’t really apply mascara on the permanent ones properly, which is the icing on the makeup cake for me!... Lash lifting is super problematic if false lashes are to be applied, sometimes the lashes become so curly that the false lashes do not want to stay on, it’s honestly like doing surgery trying to get them to stay in place!”


Which celebrity or royal bride are you most frequently asked to reference by brides?

“To be honest when Meghan Markle got married that was quite a requested look which was on brand for me — I love fresh, naturally enhanced makeup looks. Lately, Kendall Jenner’s images are often referenced which again I love, she always looks so classic and never overdone. But mostly it’s my own looks that I’ve created on other faces that are brought in as I like to keep all the looks I do relevant to my brand aesthetic. I always say you should book an artist based on their style — not what you request them to do which may be completely different to their usual style.”  


Please share your expert advice for a bride if they’re doing their own make-up on the day.

“Research makeup looks on faces similar to yours — i.e. people with the same hair colour, eye colour, skin tone, as even though you like a look in a picture, it will look completely different on a blonde, versus brunette, pale versus tanned etc. Then, once you have found the look you want to achieve, create that look each time you wear makeup — practice makes perfect. Soon it will become second nature, each time better again. That way on the day, you will be very well versed in the creation of the look and won’t be flustered.”

A word of advice for brides-to-be:

“Don’t skimp on the hair or makeup budget — especially the hair — they both must complement each other and if one isn’t on par with the other it’s just such a shame for the overall look.”

What are your fool-proof bridal beauty tips and tricks?

“For oily skin girls, always blot away oil before powdering with a tissue or blotting powder. If you keep applying powder to oily skin without doing this first, the oil will darken the powder and you will see your face gradually get darker, potentially cakey too.  

For dry skin girls, you may not even have to set your foundation. This is a step that people assume must be done. When in actual fact, a lot of dry skin types naturally set their foundation. Adding excess powder only dehydrates the skin even more and makes it look dull and flat and potentially older. Instead, you could simply use a dewy facial mist throughout the day to freshen the skin.  

Use a tubular mascara over a “waterproof”. Some waterproof mascaras aren’t even that waterproof. And when they do smudge, they are virtually impossible to remove from the skin. It’s a headache that can be avoided by using a tubular mascara as they NEVER smudge. Rather, they come off in pieces — makeup is never ruined and panda eyes are a thing of the past.  

Steer away from long-wear liquid lipsticks if you have dry lips. Your lips will become so dehydrated — I would rather simply reapply a more nourishing lipstick throughout the day and have lips looking luscious rather than flaky and cracked.  

If creasing occurs under the eyes or smile lines, simply use the heat of your fingertips to press the product back into place.”  


What should a bride have in her bridal beauty bag to touch up her make-up throughout her wedding day?

“You should have with you a lipstick or gloss to reapply and blotting paper and powder if you are oily. The rest of the makeup should last the distance if you have hired a good makeup artist.”


To avoid makeup on the wedding dress, is the best option pre-wedding during bridal beauty to wear a gorgeous robe?

“Absolutely! A robe is the perfect choice, especially for those getting ready photos. Majority of my brides wear Homebodii and they honestly look so amazing.”

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