Capturing Love: 'Follow The Bride's' Journey in Redefining Wedding Content

Follow The Bride's luxury wedding content creation services stand out with a unique style and natural content capture, building close relationships with couples. As pioneers in the industry since 2022, they shape wedding content trends. Co-owners Brooke and Lexie credit their friendship for the brand's success. Follow The Bride adapts to changing wedding preferences, prioritising couples' desires. Recently gifted Camille Lounge Sets from Homebodii, they plan to wear them stylishly during destination weddings, appreciating the luxury. Read more on their story below.

What makes Follow The Bride's luxury wedding content creation services unique, and how do you believe they enhance the overall wedding experience for your clients?

Our unique style and natural eye for capturing content make Follow the Bride stand out. We take pride in being friends with our couples and some even say that they feel like we are part of their bridal party. Even after the wedding day, we stay connected with our brides. Enhancing the wedding experience, we provide instant gratification and allow everyone to relive the whole weekend.

How have you witnessed the rise of wedding content creators, and what role does Follow The Bride play in shaping the landscape of wedding-related content?

Since our inception in 2022, we have paved the way for couples, showcasing the significance of our services on their special day. Being one of the first luxury wedding content creators in the industry has given us the opportunity to show couples that we are truly the wedding vendor they didn't know they needed!

Co-owning a brand with a friend is a unique journey. How do you, Brooke & Lexie, navigate the challenges and joys of running Follow The Bride together, and how does your friendship contribute to the brand's success?

Through the highs and lows, we're pursuing our passion together. Building a business with your best friend by your side is truly an amazing journey.

Can you share examples of how Follow The Bride innovates to keep up with changing preferences and expectations in the wedding industry? (we've recently seen a rise in French Riviera theme - thanks Sofia Richie) 

We are constantly studying trends and observing weddings to see what is in at the time, but we always emphasise the most important preferences and expectations on wedding day are those of our couple. Our couples need to do whatever makes them the happiest and most comfortable. (Some couples love the transition videos for Tik Tok and Reels so we accommodate that. Some enjoy the intimacy of their last dance of the night being just them with no guests present and we are there to capture those precious moments.) 

We recently gifted you both our Camille Lounge Set. Tell us how you're planning on wearing it (and what you love about it) 

We were recently gifted the most beautiful pajama sets from Homebodii. We plan on taking these luxury pajamas on every destination wedding we travel too! It is always fun to travel in style. 

Find Brooke & Lexie's brand, Follow the Bride here: @followthebride_