Celebrating Women We Love to Love

We are constantly in awe of all the incredible women out there, and all that they do for our society. From entrepreneurship, to music, to writing, to sports, women everywhere are smashing goals and changing the world!

Whether you're supporting their business or following their journey, here are some amazing women you NEED on your 2021 radar...

Ashleigh Barty


Ash Barty isn’t your average world champion. Ranked world number 1, she is incredibly humble & a self confessed homebody. 

In 2018, Barty was named National Indigenous Tennis Ambassador after a stellar year in which she was awarded the accolade for Female Sportsperson of the Year in the National Dreamtime. Her love of tennis was forged at the age of five and she has continues to rise & rise, being named Young Australian of the Year in 2020.

Lillian Ahenkan (aka Flex Mami)


Watch closely and dive in for the ride with this influential modern day icon – FlexMami. She has built a reputation for being a new generation voice with a no holds barred attitude to life. As a self-titled 'professional opinion haver', her podcasts and guest interviews are amazing sources of unapologetic confidence, in which you will learn something new every time. 

She has cultivated a global and loyal following by being unapologetically herself. So much love for this narrative (woman), and we are looking forward to watching her fly!



Jessica Alyssa Cerro, aka Montaigne, is an Australian singer-songwriter. Beginning her music career as a Triple J Unearthed High School finalist in 2012, she has continued to rise in the art-pop genre with her skilful lyricism, catchy tunes, and powerful voice 

Australia's 2020/21 Eurovision Song Contest representative, Montaigne consistently uses her platform to campaign against climate change. Her 2019 release, 'Ready' explores the immediate concern that climate is for upcoming generations. Quoting her frustration with the ever-growing challenge that these generations are facing as 'a fuel source', Montaigne acts as a voice of young adults across the world in the fight against climate change.

Keep an eye out for Montaigne's journey through the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest and beyond!

Jo Horgan


Way back in 1997 when the beauty industry was on the cusp of a digital revolution, MECCA was born, founded by driving force Jo Horgan.

With her mind's vision, Horgan said “I’m going to be turning up 27 years old, I know nothing about beauty, I know nothing about retail, I know nothing distribution and the only thing I know how to do is brand management so - how do I go to these brands and convince them to give me the rights to these precious brands”.

22 years on it is a beloved household name...

Liane Moriarty


Australia’s most successful author, this mother-of-two from Sydney has sold over six million books. She's one of the few authors in the world to ever have three books on the New York Times bestseller lists at the one time.

She weaves stories together seamlessly with books that stay with you long after you’ve put them down. Famous for 'The Husband’s Secret', 'Big Little Lies' & 'Truly, Madly, Guilty', Moriarty has said "I love hearing other people's stories, and I freely admit I'm scavenging for material through their conversations, but really, at the same time, I'm living an ordinary life". 

Addictive page turners guaranteed.

Carla Oates


This Australian queen of taking care of our second brain - the gut, launched her business 'The Beauty Chef' from her kitchen in 2009, and changed the game for ingestible beauty. As the first bio-fermented, probiotic powder formulated to treat skincare issues from the inside out, Oates has said that her mantra is "Look after your gut, be gutsy and follow your gut instinct”.

Twelve years on she has created a famously successful brand that empower you to follow your gut.

Eleanor Pendleton


Founder of Gritty Pretty, a one stop shop for skintellectuals or people that just love a good recommendation to add to their beauty wardrobe, Pendleton has said that “I love that I get to create content and bodies of work that speak to women and inspire them”.

Pendleton pioneered one of the first beauty blogs in Australia, that eventually grew to the first digital magazines in the country dedicated solely to beauty. This essential online piece of heaven delivers you the latest in beauty news, trends, how-to guides, and shopping. And let’s face it... with how busy and unpredictable our lives are now, having access to this type of expertise all in the one place is pretty awesome!

Ellia Green


Determined gold medal athlete & equally inspiring role model, Ellia Green is an incredible woman to have on your radar. She has said that “As an athlete, it’s incredibly important for us to be the best role models that we can be and to promote change. Since winning the Olympics, it’s really given us the opportunity to be seen on a global scale and to have a voice, to stand up for people that aren’t heard and for the issues that we’re passionate about. Every time I hear a kid say I’m their idol or role model, it fills my heart.”

She uses her platform to speak compassionately about subjects such as adoption, abuse & racism, and in her own words, she encourages herself to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. 

Definitely someone to keep your eyes and ears on in 2021 and beyond!

Dr Libby Weaver


Ten times best-selling author, renowned international speaker and nutritional biochemist, Dr Libby Weaver is the health guru that we all need to have on our radar in 2021.

Her pearls of wisdom on easy techniques for dealing with everyday stress, her advice on dealing with emotions and more recently - her education on rushing woman’s syndrome is incredibly insightful. If you can implement some of her advice into your daily routine you will truly be exercising self care...which is pretty much an essential at this point!

Her online courses or books are enriching to your life and health and popping her name into google or podcast handles will deliver you an abundance on how we can really go about loving our bodies.

Ingrid Bonnor and our Homebodii Team


Our Founder and Designer, Ingrid Bonnor, has built the Homebodii brand and our team to become a celebration of love, luxury, and femininity. Behind the scenes of Homebodii, we are constantly inspired by our team of incredible women, who we celebrate everyday. Throughout every stage of the Homebodii process, from designing, to creating, to writing, embroidering, and packing, our team always goes the extra mile to make your Homebodii package special. 

As we continue with our Gold Coast store at Pacific Fair, and plan for a few more surprises throughout 2021, keep your eye on the Homebodii Journey!