Ok. this might be my mid-life Jerry Maguire mission moment … and to those of you that know me, you knew something like this was coming and that I am a little partial to the bigger questions in life …

This year there was a tug in my heart. I knew I wanted to give back more. I knew I was a decent and kind person, but what difference to other lives apart from immediate family and friends can I really say I had made? I felt unsettled, unnerved and restless. I wanted to give more. I had to give more.

For years my girlfriends and I have joked about life being one big journey, not a destination. For me this couldn’t be more true. Every step, every job ... it has (unbeknown to me) brought me closer to the position of which I can give more. I believe there is no greater feeling than openly giving with no expectation in return.

But how do I start? I pondered this, and like many questions, I didn't have the answer. I have always tended to surrender these sort of questions to the universe, and to this point after 35 years of my life it hasn’t failed.

It astounds me how when you open yourself and surrender to the possibility of something … things manifest. Opportunities present themselves. People appear. I find this all seems to be a constant recurrence for me. After years of establishing a business and many people helping me along the way, I’m so stoked to finally be in a place where I can give back.

With homebodii, I now have the opportunity to go work and do what I love, whilst also giving back. It’s the best feeling ever. It’s a deal I made with myself in the beginning. It was always part of the plan, and it’s wonderful to have a platform in which I can see the immediate results of giving.

It’s infectious, its soul feeding, it’s a simple piece of the puzzle towards happiness and it can only make you want to do it more. I urge you try it … give a smile, a compliment, a car … whatever is within your means it doesn’t matter what … what matters is that you do.

Movements are made when thought is put into action.

Make the first step. Be open to the opportunities. Relish in the joy giving brings.

March 25, 2017 — Ingrid Bonnor

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