Fierce and Enlightening Podcasts for 2021

Podcasts have absolutely become a necessity of everyday life, whether they're adding a ray of sunshine into mundane tasks like cleaning the house or transforming the daily grind into an uplifting experience.

Our team at Homebodii HQ has curated our edit of our favourite empowering and enlightening podcasts for your 2021... belly laughs, a few tears & good vibrations guaranteed! One thing we have learnt is that you can never have to many amazing podcast recommendations so please slide your favourites into our DM’s!

Gwyneth Paltrow and Elise Loehnen

We are proud & addicted Goopers!

It is diverse content strong with a line up of guests that educate and challenge you. Jump on board & dive into Gwyneth Paltrow and Elise Loehnen chatting with leading thinkers, culture changers, and industry disruptors about shifting old paradigms and starting new conversations.

Highest Self
Sahara Rose

Do you know what your dharma is? We learnt that it is your life purpose or calling. In some way or another we are all on that journey, right?

We love that host, Sahara Rose provides segments & workshops that can help us get a little closer to finding our dharma as well as deep dive into subjects like Ayurveda, embodiment & our Spirituality, all eloquently explained in a modern context

Feel good vibes guaranteed!

Rewilding for Women
Sabrina Lynn

This podcast is the very definition of “I am woman hear me roar”.

Devoted to sharing ideas, practices and resources that will help you uncover and awaken to the ‘more’ that lies within. Choose from more than 90 episodes that designed to inspire and support you on your path.

We highly recommend this amazing podcast for woman that want to really delve deep into the relationship with self and all of the facets of the divine feminine energy.

Unlocking Us
Dr Brené Brown

The queen of the power of vulnerability never disappoints

Rich with discussions on empathy, compassion & trust Bene Brown delivers a podcast that is real, honest, unpolished and explores the magic & messiness of being human.

Tap into Brené when you need a warm hug, it always leaves you feeling compassionate for others and yourself.

Zara McDonald and Michelle Andrews

Intelligent & witty twenty something woman that have an articulate and warm interviewing style on their “I conversation with” segments.

A particular shout out to their interviews with Samantha Wills (@samsnthawills) & Rupi Kaur (@rupikaur). We've never learnt so much in one sitting!

We love how they take you back to how the guest started & every step of the journey. A great reminder of how important the journey is, not just the destination.

Seize the YAY
Sarah Holloway

So much YAY & multiple pathways to YAY is the beauty of this uplifting weekly listen.

With a relaxed chat with good friends narrative, seize the YAY takes you on a journey each episode with a wide range of noteworthy guests where Sarah has a lovely way of holding space for them to share and inspire.

This gorgeous offering leaves you with pearls of wisdom & your heart strong for taking on life, and truly seizing the YAY!

The Sakara Life
Whitney Tingle and Danielle Duboise

Living their philosophy of ‘you become what surrounds you’ wellness experts Whitney and Danielle bring deep knowledge, fresh perspective, and playful curiosity to each episode.

Join them as they dig deep into compelling subjects, connecting the dots and bringing a dose of magic to everyday life. Enjoy episode content that ranges from gut health, hormones, pregnancy & the science of healthy ageing. 

Very motivating to truly believe that your body is indeed your temple!

We would love to hear your thoughts! Let us know below or on our Instagram what your favourite empowering and enlightening podcast is. Happy listening, sharing & feeding your brain homebody beauties!