Homebodii Bride of the Month: Kylie Michelle Smith

Kylie Michelle Smith, a Gold Coast dance and pilates instructor, shares their destination wedding experience in Uluwatu, Bali. They aimed to create a memorable event, drawing inspiration from past weddings. The celebration at El Kabron, Bali, featured a surprise fireworks display during their first dance. Reflecting on the day brings immense joy, describing it as the best day of their lives. Kylie recommends destination weddings for the unique experience of spending extended time with loved ones. The addition of Homebodii highlights the significance of personalized PJs and robes in creating special memories with her bridesmaids.

A little about me...

I am a Gold Coast based dance and pilates instructor with a passion for travel and adventure.

My husband Brodie and I always wanted a destination wedding, and we decided on Uluwatu, Bali in May, 2023.

Our approach to planning the wedding was…

Being a destination wedding, we wanted all of our guests to just have the best time ever, given the effort they put in to be there. 

We have been to ALOT of weddings over the past few years and were able to take something we loved from each of those weddings and incorporate it into our special day.

Looking back on the day we are so glad that we…

We are so lucky that we were able to get married in possibly the best location in Bali, El Kabron.

That place is so magical and has only hosted a handful of weddings, so we feel extremely grateful to have had our celebration in such a beautiful location.

The most unexpected part of the day was..

The fireworks!! We knew they were coming, but nobody else did, and when they went off after our first dance, the whole place just erupted.  It was a completely surreal and euphoric moment! 

My inspiration for my hair and make up…

I really just wanted a natural glow, nothing too heavy..  My makeup artist, Lexie from Trove Artistry is simply incredible and she made me feel like a princess.  

When I look back on the day now I feel…

Every time I think back to the day, I have the biggest smile on my face! 

Everything was perfect.  From the sunset, to the food, to the speeches, and the dance floor, it was honestly the best day of our lives.

A word of advice to new brides would be…

Have a destination wedding!! I know it isn't everyone's cup of tea, but having a few days or a week with all of your favourite people in one place is something that only happens once in your life!  I loved that our wedding wasn't just one day, but a holiday for everyone there.

My Homebodii moment was special because…

I have been a Homebodii lover since the beginning, so there was never a question where my robe and bridal PJs would be from. 

I gifted the girls their personalised PJ's at the bachelorette weekend so we got to wear them then, and again in Bali on the wedding day.

Those special 'getting ready' moments drinking champagne with my girls will forever be my most treasured memories.

Everytime I put on my Halston X Homebodii fringed robe and matching PJ's I am reminded of those moment.