Homebodii, Ferrari & International Women's Day Triumph

In the heart of Southport, stood the iconic Ferrari Gold Coast – a symbol of luxury, high performance, and untamed aspiration. On this evening, the air was charged with anticipation as Future Females Gold Coast prepared to host an exclusive panel discussion that transcended the ordinary.

As the sun set, the Ferrari Gold Coast showroom came to life with the promise of an extraordinary experience. "Ignite Your Drive" was not just a gathering; it was a movement, a call to action for women to break free from limitations, embrace individuality, and accelerate towards a brighter future.

The event kicked off with a dynamic panel featuring three accomplished women who had shattered stereotypes and carved out remarkable paths to success. Ingrid Bonnor, Founder of Homebodii; Jessica Mellor, CEO of Star Casino; and Jamie Allen, Founder of Jaymes, took center stage to share their tales of resilience, innovation, and courage.

Their stories resonated with the diverse audience, each narrative echoing the possibility of overcoming obstacles and reaching new heights. The air was charged with inspiration as attendees connected with the speakers on a personal level, discovering their own potential to blaze trails.

Amidst the energy of the evening, the audience was encouraged to network with like-minded individuals, fostering powerful relationships and creating lasting connections. The vibrancy of the setting allowed for dynamic conversations, as aspiring entrepreneurs, established trailblazers, emerging leaders, and business professionals mingled over canapés from Joy & Joy catering and G&Ts from Wildflower Gin.

Ingrid, the proud owner of Homebodii, took the stage at the Ferrari Gold Coast event, sharing her inspiring journey with the audience. Her accomplishments as a business owner were a source of pride for all those in attendance. Ingrid's story resonated deeply, showcasing her resilience, innovation, and courage in building Homebodii into a symbol of success. The audience couldn't help but feel a sense of admiration for Ingrid and the achievements she represented in the world of entrepreneurship.

Beyond the panel discussion, attendees found themselves immersed in the world of luxury and high performance. The Ferrari Gold Coast showroom became a playground for passion, fueling the entrepreneurial spirit that simmered within the room.

As the night unfolded, a sense of empowerment filled the air. Attendees left with more than just inspiration; they departed with actionable insights, revitalized motivation, and the boldness to transform aspirations into tangible achievements.

The event was a testament to Future Females Gold Coast's commitment to building a community where Gold Coast-based entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, and intrapreneurs could connect, learn, and be inspired by experts in their field. The inclusive nature of the gathering ensured that men were not excluded but welcomed to join in the celebration of success-driven women.

The Ferrari Gold Coast event became more than a memory; it became a catalyst for change. A movement sparked within the walls of luxury and high performance, urging all attendees to rev their engines and drive towards a future where limitations were shattered, individuality was embraced, and success was not just a dream but a reality waiting to be ignited.