Homebodii Sponsors Larapinta World Cup Showjumping

This April, Homebodii, known for its luxury sleepwear and loungewear, proudly announces its sponsorship of the Larapinta World Cup Showjumping event. As the leading sponsor of the Ladies Classic segment, Homebodii aims to honor women's achievements on and off the field, highlighting their strength, grace, and beauty.

Homebodii's commitment to crafting exquisite sleepwear and loungewear stems from a desire to empower women to feel confident and comfortable in their own skin. With their upcoming Western Pleasure collection, Homebodii continues to redefine luxury loungewear, blending timeless elegance with contemporary design.

Ingrid Bonnor, the founder of Homebodii, emphasizes the brand's dedication to celebrating femininity and empowerment. Reflecting on her upbringing around horses, Bonnor acknowledges the influence of hard work and beauty on her perspective. This ethos permeates Homebodii's philosophy, resonating in every piece they create and every partnership they form.

As the major sponsor of the Ladies Classic at the Larapinta World Cup Showjumping, Homebodii stands in solidarity with women who embody excellence in their endeavors. Beyond the competition, this sponsorship signifies a celebration of women's journeys, dedication, and triumphs.

So, as the Larapinta World Cup Showjumping event unfolds this April, let's recognise and applaud the strength, grace, and elegance of women everywhere. Homebodii's sponsorship underscores its commitment to empowering women, making them feel confident and comfortable in every aspect of their lives.

Model: Beth Hurrell
Photographer: Carin Garland