Earlier this year, the lovely team from Go To reached out to us with the idea to create exclusive PJ’s for their staff to wear at the annual Meccaland beauty festival.

All coloured in their trademark peaches and creams, we designed a bespoke flared satin PJ complete with an embroidered ‘Go To’ Logo on the pockets. At the Meccaland pop up, the whole atmosphere was unbelievably cute! Our much-loved manager, Marianne, popped in to say hello and snap some pics of the end result. The Go To team did an amazing job; a giant vanity with Go To toothbrush and tweezers for the instagram moments, mirrors galore, an intricate tile display of products and a shower rail and curtain to finish it off. All of Meccaland was invited to step into the Go To bathroom and experience the skin care love that their products have given to so many.

Meccaland 2019 Go to pop up

Go to skincare at Meccaland

Busy busy, the Go To area was definitely a favourite.

Meccaland 2019

Check out the team wearing their exclusive Homebodii PJ's! What do we think? Adorable, right? If you're loving the peach colour, we have just dropped some newness that you might fancy ... you can have a look here.

go to skincare at meccaland

Go To skincare Meccaland pop up

And a bit of a fan girl moment when Zoe Foster Blake also came to say hello and see our PJ's. What an absolute boss babe!

Zoe Foster Blake at Meccaland 2019

We are so incredibly proud and excited to keep working with the most beautiful brands and teams around the world. Thankyou so much to Go To for working with us on this, we couldn't have been happier with how everything turned out.

If you or someone you know would like to work with us, please get in touch!

August 19, 2019 — Ashley Pilkinton


Prue said:

OMG I was wondering if these were Homebodii PJ’s. Soooo cute!

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