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Homebodii's Taylor Swift Era's Tour Style Guide

Taylor Swift, the musical chameleon, is bringing her enchanting melodies to Australia, gracing the stages of Accor Stadium in Sydney from February 23rd to February 26th, 2024. As you prepare to immerse yourself in the magic of her music, let Homebodii's Taylor Swift Era's Tour Style Guide be your fashion compass. From the dreamy LOVER era to the fearless FEARLESS era, we've got you covered, ensuring your outfit mirrors the essence of each unforgettable era.

Athena Mini Beaded Robe with White Bodysuit


Embrace the romantic vibes of the LOVER era with the Athena Mini Beaded Robe paired with a pristine white bodysuit. The delicate beading and intricate details will make you feel like a character in a Taylor Swift love story. Complete your look with white cowgirl boots and a hat, echoing the country-pop aesthetic that defined this era. You'll be ready to dance under the stars and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Sian Slip Eggshell Blue


Transport yourself to the 1989 era with the Sian Slip in a mesmerising eggshell blue. Crafted from sumptuous satin and delicate lace, this slip celebrates both comfort and silhouette. Enhance the look with a western-style belt, rosette, and accessories like a polaroid camera, microphone, and glasses – channeling the iconic imagery from the 1989 tour. You'll be capturing moments in style while feeling effortlessly chic.

Kassiah Robe Black with Black Sian Cami


As Taylor delves into her REPUTATION era, bring out the bold and sensual side of your wardrobe. The Kassiah Robe in black, lacy and long, paired with the Black Sian Cami, exudes confidence. Tuck it in for a sleek silhouette and add a touch of drama with a vibrant red lip. This ensemble ensures you're ready to slay the night and own the reputation you've always deserved.

Toni Pyjama Set Red


For the RED era, slip into the Toni Pyjama Set in a striking red. The short silky PJs with the 'TS' pocket capture the essence of this era's fiery passion. Tuck them in and elevate the look with diamond earrings, boots, and a hat, making a bold statement that mirrors the spirit of Taylor Swift herself. You'll be turning heads and radiating RED energy throughout the concert.

Persephone Blush Robe & Ingrid Blush Bodysuit


As Taylor revisits her FEARLESS era, embody elegance with the Persephone Blush Robe, crafted from soft and sheer chiffon. Paired with the Ingrid Blush Bodysuit and tied up, this ensemble is perfect for a springtime concert in Sydney. Complete the look with boots and sunglasses, and you'll be the epitome of fearless femininity.

With the Homebodii's Taylor Swift Era's Tour Style Guide, you're not just attending a concert – you're stepping into the world of Taylor Swift. Sydney, get ready to dance, sing, and create memories in style as you celebrate the magic of Taylor's music in the heart of Australia.