Weddings are temporary but pictures are forever. Everyone knows it’s crucial to have your marital moments captured from the beginning to end, from start to finish. While there may be a lot to see through midway to end, how do you ensure that your pre-wedding moments are just as filled with moments to remember. With a few essential items, and the right theme your pre-wedding photographs will carry just as much excitement and joy as the ceremony itself.


Like your reception, the theme and colour surrounding your photograph is important. In order to capture the best moments out of your pre-wedding prep, there needs to be more to look at then just the process. This can be done through matching bridal/bridesmaid robes, floral additions, and lots of natural, open lighting, even a gorgeous preparation slip. Don’t be afraid to decorate your area.

A perfect example is one of our Real Brides, Anne Batshoun. Captured adding final touches in her Audrey Lace Robe, with some lovely floral arrangements placed for aestheitc.

Beaming natural light highlights the gorgeous Bride wearing her Willow Boho Lace Robe during some pre-ceremony prep.


There's just something about a silk robe that screams elegance. I mean, is it really your wedding day if you aren’t wrapped in gorgeous, custom robe during your glamorous pre-wedding prep? One way to take your pictures up a notch is by completing your bride tribe with their very own Bridesmaid/s and Maid of Honour embroidered fit. Cute!

What a gorgeous Bride Tribe! The stunning Peta Murgatroyd and her bridesmaids wearing our Juliette Robes in Blush while cheersing to a great day ahead.

Absolutely stunning. Bride to be and her besties wearing our Amalia Lace Trim Robes and Audrey Lace Robe for a beautiful pre-wedding pic.


Along with the theme and aesthetics come a mood! Consider if are you after elegant and calm, fun and sexy, perhaps family and comfort? The way you dress your area is the mood that will be captured, and what you capture shows the mood. We suggest focusing on capture moments like makeup prep, pre-celebration toasts, laughter and candids. Have fun with it!

The Bride is look beautiful during some last minute applications.

Warming candid moment between bridesmaids, wearing our Serafina Kimono Robe.

Finishing touches with Bride Kaitlin. Such a simple but gorgeous photo. Kaitlin is wearing our Helena Long Lace Robe.

There we have it, how to capture the best pre-wedding moments. If you liked these suggestions or are even thinking of employing them yourself, make sure to comment and let us know! We'd love to hear about your journey xx

September 24, 2018 — Ashley Pilkinton
Tags: Wedding Day

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