Iconic Australian model, Georgia Gibbs, in her Homebodii sleepwea

Growing up in Perth, Georgia Gibbs didn't begin her journey into modelling until she was 18 years old. She soon found fulfillment and passion for modelling and her career sent her all around the world.

Her career was put to a halt in 2018 after Georgia had a health crisis that turned her life around. Diagnosed with a long list of physical and mental conditions including chronic Interstitial Cystitis, swollen Kidneys, hair loss, fertility problems and a fair number of autoimmune labels, these health issues caused struggles with her mental health. This resulted in Georgia suffering from depression and severe anxiety that lead to panic attacks.

This incredibly difficult time in Georgia's life lead her to finding a healthier lifestyle in herbal medicines, natural remedies, meditation and working on her mental healing.

She now lives a mindful and sustainable life as she continues her modelling career alongside writing for her blog on georgiamaegibbs.com

and being the founder of female empowerment organisation, Anybody Co. 

Georgia's interest in sustainable products has lead her to this partnership with Homebodii. Our sustainability range at Homebodii inspires a healthier and environmentally conscious lifestyle. Including environmentally friendly fabrics such as linen, tencel and cotton.

We take pride in our responsibility to help the environment by having a sustainable range that is thoughtfully designed using beautiful, cruelty-free natural fabrics.

Georgia Gibbs looking effortless in Homebodii's Ava Bralette with the Genevieve Luxury Oversized Tencel PJ Set draped over top.

Our georgeous Tencel fabric is derived from sustainably harvested wool pulp and processed using environmentally considerate processes. It's an affordable option that still provides a sustainable and friendly option.

Flaunting the ultra-feminine Viveka Lace Bodysuit and looking beautiful! This luxurious bodysuit features a stunning backless design with delicate floral lace draping along the edges.

Georgia looking stunning in the Petra Model Robe in black! She has paired the Homebodii Basic Tencel Womens Singlet in blush with the Blush Basic Tencel Womens Basic Short..

Here's Georgia blowing a kiss goodbye in her classic Eva Long Tencel Womens Pyjama Set in white with black piping, featuring her initials with our custom embroidery personalisation. 

Thank you so much Georgia for all that you do and for sharing such a generous video of our garments.