10 most common questions Homebodii Customer Service gets asked

If you're flicking through our website with a list of products on your wish list, but you're hesitating... maybe you're unsure about length, or sizing, or shipping time... no worries! We are always here to help you decide or answer any questions you might have.

We are available to chat on our socials or you can even call us up at our Homebodii headquarters at (07) 5529 1973. 

We want you to be happy about what you're buying and to leave the shopping cart with no regrets!

Working in the customer service team at Homebodii, there are certain questions I get asked all the time.

Here's a list of the 10 questions I always get asked .

1. How long does embroidery take?

At Homebodii we are lucky enough to have an amazing team that personalise orders in house! Therefore we have a super quick turn around of two to three business days .If you have made a mistake in your embroidery personalisation form, there's no need to panic! Just call up our Homebodii headquarters asap and we'll do what we can to help! 

2. I love the hampers, but can i change an item?

Unfortunately, we can not substitute any of our compontants in our hampers. We offer a range of hampers to suit every style and budget, but if they're not exactly what you're after why not build your own? All of our gorgeous hamper components are available for individual purchase. With a range of gifting options to choose from, we would be delighted to turn your dream gift into reality! If you would like us to create a customised hamper for you please do not hesitate to reach our to our customer service team

3. I am inbetween sizes, what size should i be?

Please see our size chart for general sizing information and the product description ofindividual garments for more detailed suggestions. All of our pyjamas are sold as sets, we cannot sell them as separates. Due to copyright we are unable to give out exact measurements. If you're especially worried about a particular garment, reach out on our socials and we'll get back to you with a reccommendation.

4. How do I best care for my garment?

We recommend always hand-washing all delicate garments. However, each of our beautiful garments comes with a care instruction on the inside. If you're worried about any garment in partcular before purchasing, reach out to us and we'll gladly share the care instructions wiht you.

5. How do you come up with the names of your styles?

Our style names are dedicated to women in our lives that inspire us. Family, friends, women we know, or sometimes we just find a name that sticks! For example, our best-selling Ingrid Bodysuit is named after our stunning founder!

6. I love the look of my homebodii robe, does homebodii have matching nighties?

We do exclusively manufacture and sell nighties that match a selection of our Homebodii robes. For garments that do not have a correlating slip, we reccommend our Jasmine slips for matching our more intricate, bridal lace robes, as it's simple and classic. 

7. The item I want has sold out, will you be restocking it?

We love to hear your feedback! The more amazing responses we recieve about a particular garment, the more likely we are to bring it back in stock! Please get in touch via the contact form and sign up to be notified about restocks and new arrivals. 

8. How long does it take to process an order?

At Homebodii we aim for a quick turn around! Orders will be processed on the next business day. However please allow two to three business days from the date of purchase for personalised orders to be dispatched. 

9. Can I have a white sash with my Farrah bridal robe?

The beautiful Farrah Long Lace Chiffon Robe comes with a blush satin sash and has belt loops in blush to match. We don't recommend using a white sash for this reason, but if your heart is set on it please request one in the notes at checkout. 

10. What will my order look like when it arrives? 

Upon arrival, your garments will be individually wrapped in delicate tissue paper and kept in postal satchels. We ensure to spray our garments with rose water to ensure freshness upon delivery! If you or the person recieving the garments has any issues with strong scents, please request in the notes section for your garments to not be sprayed.