La Maison Rose Collection in Paris

Homebodii's La Maison Rose Collection in Paris

Homebodii, renowned for their innovation and leadership in bridal robes, has once again raised the bar with their latest collection, La Maison Rose, captured against the enchanting backdrop of Paris—the City of Love. While the brand has long been the go-to for luxury bridal robes, this time they have ventured into the realm of bridal lingerie, introducing a new dimension to their offerings.

Tahnee Atkinson, the face of this campaign, emerged as Australia's Next Top Model winner in 2009. Since then, she's maintained a strong presence in the fashion world, working with renowned names like Vogue, Tommy Hilfiger, Harper’s Bazaar, Sunglass Hut, Tiger Lily, and Linneys, shuttling between Europe and Australia's east coast.

Captured by Romy Frydman, this campaign owes its visual allure to her seasoned expertise. With a background spanning 15+ years in fashion as a stylist and creative director at notable publications like Marie Claire, Elle, and Vogue Australia, Frydman is renowned for styling a diverse range of actors.

In this mesmerising collection, expertly showcased by the stunning Tahnee Atkinson and skillfully captured by Romy Frydman, the fusion of lace, feathers, and intimate wear takes centre stage. The collection encapsulates the essence of the modern woman—confident, chic, and inherently feminine, gracefully navigating the timeless charm of Paris.

Lace, meticulously incorporated into every piece, adds a touch of sophistication that transcends traditional sleepwear. Whether delicately trimmed cami's or creating intricate patterns on lace robes, Homebodii's attention to detail elevates each garment, making a bold statement in the world of bridal fashion.

Feather trims, are featured whimsically dancing on the edges of robes and pyjamas, bring a playful and dreamlike quality to La Maison Rose. Soft and ethereal, they introduce a hint of fantasy, seamlessly blending comfort and allure in this unique collection.

The City of Love serves as the perfect canvas for Homebodii's intimate creations. Paris becomes more than a location; it's an integral part of the La Maison Rose narrative, enhancing the romance and sophistication that defines each piece. Romy Frydman, the visionary behind the lens, masterfully captures the essence of the collection, telling a visual story of femininity against the iconic scenes of the city.

La Maison Rose is not just a collection of clothing; it's a celebration of comfort and style. As Tahnee gracefully moves through the streets, and Style Me Romy works their magic, the collection transforms into a timeless symphony for the modern woman. Step into a world where lace, feathers, and intimate wear converge—a world where dreams unfold amidst the enchanting streets of the City of Love, brought to life by the innovators and leaders at Homebodii.