Here at Homebodii we are all about looking after yourself, so we got in our favourite, most self-care orientated couple we know to answer some questions and share some of their health and self-love journey with us. In true Ant and Nath style, we recommend putting a facemask on and making a cup of tea to enjoy while reading this.

1) How important is looking after your health, both physical and mental? What results did you experience when you made this a priority?

Looking after our health is our top priority. We are no strangers to the knowledge that if we aren’t looking after ourselves then everything and everyone else in our lives gets a less than full version of us. Mental Health is something we are both very passionate about as well, you should not feel any shame in talking about your emotions, feelings and anxieties. We always keep clear communication with each other and how we “honestly” feel, and if either of us need a “mental health minute” as we like to call it, then that always comes first. We know that taking care of our physical health will greatly impact our mental health so that goes hand in hand. We both take the juice plus product to make sure our bodies are getting the absolute best nutrients we possibly can. We also gym, (Nathan a little more than Ant) to keep our endorphins pumping. It’s important to have pride in yourself physically, no matter what, you are unique, and taking pride and strength in your physical self will help your confidence every.

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Once we had made our mental and physical health a priority we truly started “living our best life”. Each day started to become a blessing and not a challenge. We grew a better understanding and support towards each other’s needs, and not to mention we looked and felt better in our Homebodii pyjamas. Both of our anxiety levels definitely lowered if not disappearing almost completely! This is a massive win at life, for anyone who has struggled with anxiety you would know how hard it can be to even understand your own anxiety let alone try to conquer it. We both fully believe that taking care of our mental health and our physical health inside and out is to thank for this change, and that on its own makes life incredible.

2)Can you share some of the rituals you do on a weekly basis that counteract stress and other things that can have a negative effect on you?

There are a few rituals we both do on a weekly basis to counteract stress, one is taking our juice plus daily. This is almost like a little message you give your body every day to tell it how much you love it. It’s a little investment into some amazing products that have honestly helped to change the way feel about ourselves. There are also hundreds of phytonutrients going into our bodies to help lower our oxidative stress levels which help to curve depression and anxiety.

I (Nath) Like to gym every morning to help reduce my stress levels. This bit of me time every morning is honestly the best start to my day, and I recommend it to everyone. Getting the blood flowing, feeling strong and fit, setting goals, getting sweaty and doing something positive for your body are all things I love about the gym, and the anti-stress effects it has on your life.

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I (Ant) go to the farm every afternoon to see my animals, this for me is my happy place. I have a fair few animals on the farm from chickens, rabbits, goats and sheep to alpacas and a bird, Aviary. I cannot express how much the animals help to de stress me; it doesn’t matter how much has gone on at work or if the day hasn’t gone to plan, once I’m on the farm with the animals that all melts away. It’s quiet and peaceful and the animals are always happy to see me. It’s so important to have that connection with animals, they share so much love as long as you care and nurture them, and I’ll be forever thankful for how much love and calmness they have brought into my life.

animals help de stress

We both like to make sure that we DO NOT over-book our calendars each week, we at least like one night between catchups and events to make sure we can re-group and to have an early night and get a good sleep. Sleep has to be one of the most under rated things when it comes to stress, but an early night in with our Homebodii pyjamas on, face masks and an order-in dinner has to be one of the best resets each week that we make sure to have. We always have diffusers with essential oils going through the house at night to keep the mood relaxed too.

3) Your favourite night time routines to get you ready for a good sleep?

The perfect night time routine to get ready for bed would look something like coming home from work to an easy dinner; something tasty and light. Followed by a hot shower using our favourite cruelty free products to help us feel soothed and relaxed. We will jump into our silky smooth Homebodii pyjamas and slither onto the couch for a couple of episodes of whatever our current Netflix addiction might be (yes, we are terrible Netflix lovers). Then off to bed with our night time diffuser blend of essential oils going and laying our heads down to sleep in our amazing pyjamas.

4) What self-care means and looks like to you?

Self-care means putting yourself first and not feeling guilty for it. At the end of the day if you don’t put a little self-care into yourself how are you meant to give your best for everyone else? It looks like being able to say no to things you might otherwise make yourself do because you feel obliged, we are happy to say no to things when we need to take a little time for each other or ourselves to make sure we are feeling happy and getting the best out of ourselves and our lives. There is nothing selfish about doing what makes you happy. At the end of the day we only have one life to live and we want to be able to do it in the best way we possibly can and with a smile on our faces.

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5) A few things you love to do while wearing your Homebodii PJ’s …

A few things we like to do while we are in our Homebodii PJ’s is watch net flex on this couch, it’s just not the same wearing anything else … trust me.

Also, having our morning coffee sitting out back in our Bali hut by the pool just pinching ourselves that this is our home and how lucky we are to have moments like this.

Wearing facemasks and drinking herbal teas, because nothing spells pampering like the comfiest PJ’s in the world while you’re getting your beauty on. And number one is sleep, there is no sleep in the world like a Homebodii Pyjama sleep.

pyjamas and face masks

In all honesty though anyone who knows us, and for all of those close to us, they know that our house is a pyjama house, as soon as we are home we are in our pyjamas. If we have guests for dinner we are in our Homebodii’s and we encourage all of our friends to come dressed as comfortable as they want. Because life is too short not to feel your best, and what feels better than Homebodii pyjamas!?

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Written with lots of Love from Ant and Nath

March 03, 2019 — Ashley Pilkinton

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