Homebodii is excited to share a stunning modern bride makeup tutorial by the lovely artist Erin Gallienne on model Matilda Rodgers. This easy to follow tutorial goes through the steps of a natural and fresh makeup look perfect for your wedding day.

Erin shares with us her tips for a natural wedding makeup look from her favourite colours and brush types, to specific application techniques. This beautiful look uses Jane Iredale makeup and is perfect for a wedding or bridal shower, or can be tweaked for a stunning every day look. This is the perfect makeup tutorial for flawlessly blended skin that will make you glow with confidence.

Homebodii Make-up tutorial with Erin Gallienne

The lovely Brisbane model Matilda before the makeup is applied.

Matilda Rodgers Makeup

Matilda with stunning vibrant and natural wedding makeup.

Video courtesy of Erin Gallienne

Makeup Artist: Erin Gallienne

Model: Matilda Rodgers

Makeup: Jane Iredale Makeup

Robe: Homebodii Rhea Blush Robe

Cami Set: Homebodii Rhea Blush Cami Set

April 13, 2018 — Ashley Pilkinton
Tags: Style Inspo

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