Part-time model and full-time silver fox, Luisa Dunn on embracing natural beauty

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Luisa shares her transformative hair journey and her chic, cosy go-to weekend loungewear look

Please share the ‘aha’ moment that sparked your journey to embrace your natural hair colour.
“My journey started not unlike many, by coming to the realisation that colouring my hair/roots every 14 days was simply not a source of joy in my life anymore. In fact, it was quite the opposite. Towards the end, it felt like I was on a cover-up merry-go-round that only exacerbated the negative feelings I was having about ageing, self-acceptance and my changing body.”

What have been the most challenging parts of this process in terms of self-esteem and confidence?
“The most challenging part mentally was to actively seek a positive balance to counter the negative anti-ageing and ‘grey equals old’ messages that many of us are exposed to every single day, often without being aware of their long-term impact. 

I first discovered the incredible silver sister community on Instagram, followed by some very inspiring age positive content creators like Dee [Denise Boomkens] from @and.bloom who are doing such wonderful things to change the narrative around ageing and challenge these outdated stereotypes and stigmas. 

Finding a tribe of like-minded women going through the exact same mental and physical struggles really helped me feel less alone and inspired me to strip away some of the layers of negative social conditioning that were holding me back. Learning to love myself and my changing body unapologetically was the answer to strengthening my confidence and self-esteem.”

Find Luisa on Instagram at @thesilverlining_1970.

How challenging was the actual practical side of growing out your hair?
“The difficulty practically is that there is no easy or short path to growing out your natural hair, especially if you prefer a longer length and value healthy hair. The process is long and requires a lot of patience, especially if you choose to embrace it cold turkey. Most often it will take women two or more years to complete the transition. A few months into my transition I was somewhat forced to let go of the bleach damaged lengths and embrace a pixie grow-out as well.

In hindsight this was more of a challenge for me… because I was not mentally prepared to embrace grey and short hair at the same time. Having so many changes in your appearance all at once can be a little overwhelming and takes some adjustment. The challenges I faced over those first few grow-out months have certainly made me more resilient and I have learned a lot about myself through the process. Most importantly, that I should always value my opinion of myself above anyone else’s.”

What advice would you give someone considering ditching the dye and going natural?
“Just go for it. It won’t be easy or without challenges but the journey is a liberating and empowering one. The perfect time to embrace your natural hair is when it is right for you, and no one else. In practical terms, I would advise someone to talk to their stylist and do lots of online research to find which transition method suits them best, whether it is grey blending, a buzz cut, cold turkey, pixie, bleaching (not recommended for the damage it causes). There are lot of options to choose from, but most will take time and patience.”

The most rewarding parts of the journey are:feeling a deep level of self-acceptance and freedom; meeting and connecting with a community of empowered women who inspire me every day andhonestly really falling in love with my natural silver colour,”
says Luisa.

I notice the Homebodii slippers and pjs are personalised, please share what having personalised pjs and slippers means to you.
“I love adding unique items to my wardrobe that are a little different and having these personalised is something fun and special.”

In the Homebodii campaign (pictured left) you’re wearing the Eva Long TENCEL™ Women's Pyjama Set which are 100% sustainable. How important is sustainability to you?
Sustainability is something that is very important to me and it is wonderful to see so many businesses addressing this. It is definitely something that I place a high value on when selecting products to purchase.”

What are your favourite features of the Eva pjs and the luxe Homebodii slippers?
“The TENCEL™ fabric is lovely and soft against the skin and the slippers were a comfy addition to an outfit perfectly suited to lounging around on the weekends.”

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