Celebrating Empowered Women: Homebodii's VIP Gift Hampers for Porsche's Women With Drive Day

Celebrating Empowered Women: Homebodii at the Porsche Centre GC Ladies Drive Day!

We're thrilled to share our recent experience at the prestigious @porschecentregc ladies' drive day. It was an exceptional event, embodying Porsche's "There Is No Substitute" ethos, accompanied by an exhilarating drive and a delightful lunch in the hinterland.

As a part of this extraordinary day, VIP guests enjoyed our Porsche-themed Homebodii Gift Hampers, thoughtfully curated in collaboration with @porschecentregc. The event was graciously hosted by Porsche ambassador @ellie_gonsalves.

Discover more about this epic adventure in our blog, where we delve into the memorable moments and empowering experiences we encountered on this remarkable occasion.

In today's world, women are breaking barriers and pioneering the way. From personal achievements, professional milestones and being exceptional parents, women are consistently finding themselves in the driver's seat. Recognizing the indomitable spirit of these women, Porsche Centre Gold Coast proudly organised the Porsche Women With Drive Day hosted by model, actress and wildlife ambassador Ellie Gonsalves.

The VIP attendees had the honour of driving Porsche's luxurious model range cars around Mount Tambourine through to Tweed, followed by a delicious three course luncheon at Tweed River House. The event was made even more remarkable as Homebodii generously gifted exclusive hampers to the extraordinary women participating in this empowering event. The gift hampers were highly regarded by the guests and served as a memoir for such a special day.

Porsche's Women With Drive Day was an exceptional event that celebrated the remarkable journeys and achievements of empowered women. Homebodii's VIP gift hampers added an extra special touch, as each participant was reminded of their worth and the incredible milestones they have achieved.

The scenic beauty of Mount Tambourine served as a reminder that, like the winding roads, life's journey may have its twists and turns, but with determination and resilience, women can take the wheel and navigate any challenges that come their way!