Sexy Over 40 with Katherine Galvin

Katherine swears by daily fitness for confidence, highlighting its mental and physical benefits. Her go-to stylish sleepwear from Homebodii, like personalised black pyjamas, adds a empowering touch. Advocating for pride in appearance, a lighthearted approach to life, and stepping out of comfort zones, Katherine believes these factors significantly boost confidence for women over 40. Read on to hear all of her secrets.

Could you share the daily habits that you swear by for maintain your confidence?

Fitness plays a big part in my confidence. I think building physical strength improves mental health, your mood, self esteem and cognitive function. 

How does choosing the right sleepwear empower women over 40, and what stylish options from Homebodii do you recommend for enhancing your inner allure?

I am a huge fan of fashion, so why does that have to stop in the bedroom? My fave sleepwear from Homebodii is my personalised black pyjamas set. Not only is it incredibly comfortable, I always feel special reading my initials on the cuff. I’m also obsessed with the Ingrid bodysuit. I pair that with black jeans and some cute heels for a chic look.

Beyond fashion, what other factors do you believe significantly contribute to boosting confidence and creating allure for women over 40 on a daily basis?

I think if you look good you feel good so I (try) to always take pride in my appearance. Even if I’m at the gym I’m in matching gym clothes.I try not to take life too seriously. It's supposed to be a fun ride!And lastly, always step out of your comfort zone - this allows you to overcome challenges, achieve new goals and you develop a sense of accomplishment.

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