Stylist and influencer Emily Whitlock on her maternity style and hospital bag essentials

Calling all mamas-to-be! If you’re wondering what to wear during your pregnancy which checks both the comfort and style boxes, and what to pack in your maternity bag, read on. Here, stylist, blogger and influencer, Emily Whitlock, @emmiillyy— who is already a mama and step-mama to two gorgeous kids and is due in May — shares her maternity style, pregnancy journey, hospital bag essentials, and theHomebodiiset she’s been “living in” during this pregnancy.

Emily wears Homebodii Gaylene Linen Robe

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“I just think it’s absolutely incredible what the female body is capable of and how our bodies create life,”

Emily says.

How has your style changed during this pregnancy?

“I think due to having a [young] baby [already]… my style has become a lot more simplistic, comfortable and relaxed. I tend to purchase items that can be worn both during and after pregnancy. Anything with a bit of stretch or something oversized like linen sets have been my go-to. As well as activewear. Stretchy short leggings and oversized tees have been a staple during this pregnancy, and let’s be honest… loungewear. I spend a lot of my time lounging at home!”

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Please share the story of when you found out you were pregnant.

“We had always planned on having another baby and had a slight idea in mind of when we wanted that to happen. I turned 30 in April last year, but I was still breastfeeding at the time. So, we wanted to wait until I had stopped breastfeeding before I celebrated. It was also a very uncertain time with covid and lockdowns, so I planned to celebrate with friends later in the year when I was hopeful restrictions would ease. We are also in the process of building our home. So, we wanted to be settled in there prior to having another baby.

I breastfed Tanner for 18 months and within that first month of not breastfeeding, I also conceived, which we were not expecting at all... I’ve always found out super early, so around 4-5 weeks is when we discovered I was pregnant again. I remember feeling a bit off and decided to take a test. Not really thinking anything of it and just assumed it would be negative. But it was positive! Ricky and I were in complete shock, but also very excited at the same time! I celebrated my 30th in October when I was 13 weeks pregnant. I announced it to all my friends then, which was very exciting and a nice way to celebrate both occasions.”


How has your pregnancy journey been so far? Any strange cravings?

“My pregnancy journey so far has been pretty good. I’ve struggled a lot more with doing day-to-day things this time around though. I’ve felt a lot more fatigued and struggled to find energy to get out of the house on most days. I’ve had to get multiple iron infusions and B12 shots during this pregnancy just so I can keep up with a very busy toddler… Tanner isn’t very good with sleeping either, we co-sleep and he often wakes at least once during the night where we have to re-settle him. So, it’s going to be a lot of fun entering the newborn-no-sleep stage again!

I had nausea and food aversions this time in my first trimester... All I could really stomach was Vegemite rice cakes. It wasn’t until my second trimester that I started to feel a bit more normal with foods. I have a plant-based diet and have never had any super weird cravings, mainly just fresh foods and juices etc.. However, I’ve really been craving chocolate lately!”


What have been your favourite Homebodii pieces to wear during your pregnancy?

“I absolutely adore Homebodii pieces. They all have such a luxurious yet comfortable and easy-to-wear feel to them! My favourite recent purchase has to be the Gaylene Linen Robe. It’s just so luxurious and romantic, it just makes you feel so beautiful when you put it on!

I’ve also been living in my Riviera Linen Set, which I’ve had since my pregnancy with Tanner. I just love how comfortable it is, a linen set is definitely one of my go-tos and I just love how it doesn’t look like pyjamas either! The Mirabella Maternity Nightie is the comfiest piece. The fabric is so soft and feels so beautiful on. It will also be the perfect style for those late-night feeds.”


What will you pack in your maternity bag for the hospital?

“I haven’t thought too much about my maternity bag so far. I think mainly the essentials for the baby — some onesies, beanies, socks, mittens, swaddles, a blanket, nappies, wipes. Then for me, comfy underwear and a soft maternity bra, which is probably what I will labour in. As well as comfy clothes to go to hospital in. I’ll be packing my Riviera Linen Set, which is super comfy and doesn’t look like pyjamas either which is a bonus! As well as my Mirabella Maternity Nightie which is perfect for night-time feeds and is super soft and comfy for lying in bed.

I also have a beautiful pair of Mat & Coe period undies which are great for postpartum. As well as some of their belly oil which I find really nice to apply before and after labour. I’ll also be packing some nipple balm, hydrogel breast disks, breast pads and my Hakka breast pump for any let down during feeds. Then just toiletries, hand sanitiser and phone chargers. I think that should hopefully cover everything we need.”


Can you please share your pregnancy exercise routine?

“During this pregnancy I have been pretty slack with the upkeep of my usual exercise routine. I am naturally a very active person and enjoy going for runs, walks, boxing and Pilates. However, I have struggled so much during this pregnancy with my energy levels. The majority of my exercise routine is chasing around and cleaning up after a very active toddler or going for a brisk walk at a time when it’s not so hot. I was doing one-on-one boxing sessions with a PT prior to falling pregnant and up until my second trimester. Since then, I’ve been doing prenatal Pilates classes at Studio Pilates for the past two months. So I will continue those classes throughout the rest of my pregnancy and continue with postpartum Pilates classes once I can exercise again. I just love how those classes are gentle on the body, but also give you that nice burn!”


Anything else you would like to share about your pregnancy journey?

“I definitely feel very blessed to have been able to fall pregnant so quickly and easily both times and have been super lucky with how I have generally felt overall during both of my pregnancies… It’s been such a special experience and I’ve loved every moment carrying, supporting and feeling their little movements inside of me. I think one thing I have struggled with has been entering motherhood for the first time at the beginning of a global pandemic and having to navigate motherhood during that. As well as not having any family around us has been quite difficult support-wise. But there is such a beautiful online community for mothers, and I have so many beautiful friends who have shown so much support too, even if it is from afar.”