How to Use Your Intuition When Reading Tarot

Tarot has always been a focal point in my life. My momma taught me all about this ritual when I was nine-years-old after divorcing my father. It was a time when she searched for answers and comfort in the spiritual realm. These moments I had with momma cultivated a deep love for tarot, and after her passing, I decided to create the Soul Cards deck in her memory.

As a child, I had never heard the word “intuition”, nor did I know we all carry it within. I was definitely aware of ghosts because I've been seeing them for as long as I could remember; I later understood this “gift” to be psychic medium abilities. Yet intuition didn’t become clear to me before my early adult life. At first, I assumed it meant a gut feeling. But as I soon learned, there’s a big difference.

What is intuition?

Let’s do some demystifying. Gut feelings are based on earlier experiences in life that manifest through our bodies, alerting our system to know what’s safe or not. However, intuition is a deep knowing; the ability to understand something based on emotions, not facts. It’s a calm energy that doesn't make you anxious, as gut feelings tend to do. If you let your intuition do its thing, it lovingly enters our energy field like a little whisper.

So how do you tap into your intuition when reading tarot?

First and foremost, it’s important to practice stillness so you can hear and feel your intuition guide you through the reading. I always suggest spending a few minutes holding the deck in your hands while consciously breathing. Pay attention to your breath and thank the cards for serving you guidance. Make sure your feet are firmly planted on the Earth, and feel your energy grounding. Visualizing roots from your feet into Mother Earth is very helpful.

Next ask the deck what you seek clarity on. It could be as simple as Today's Energy Card! 

Shuffle your deck and pick out cards that “fly out” (also known as “the flyers”). They’re meant for you to see, and are packed with energy. Notice the first feeling that hits you as you pick up a card. Don't worry if you don't know its meaning - just direct your focus inward and see how it resonates. I also recommend journaling your intuitive feelings before looking up the symbolism. Sometimes, the meaning and your intuition are one of the same, or are somehow linked. You can’t read your intuition wrong, as your energy works to serve you and whatever comes to the surface is what you’re meant to know.

By journaling and practicing tarot weekly, you’ll learn to trust your intuition in daily life! Tarot is a great tool to help you tap into your gifts of inner-knowing, while creating space for spiritual growth. When I say spiritual, I mean a deeper connection to your higher self, which is a source of unconditional love!


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