The Art of Lounging - Being a true homebody beyond the bedroom

While we’ve all embraced our true loungewear style during the last few months, some of us (…we know we are!) might be lamenting the thought of having to swap our sweatpants and slippers for blazers and heels. But here at Homebodii, we believe the art of being a true homebody goes beyond our bedrooms – taking lounging in style to the next level!

Over the past few months, as we’ve indulged more and more in our true PJ aesthetic, the art of being a homebody has meant comfort loungewear.

But as our lives begin to open back up again to the real world, how can we continue to indulge ourselves in comfort, whilst looking stylish? Homebodii’s range of luxurious loungewear is for the homebody at heart.

We’ve coupled elegance and comfort, to bring back the art of lounging and the true meaning of being a homebody. We’re taking loungewear back to effortlessly chic, made from premium breathable fibres, and completely transitional from the bedroom, to the lounge, to the office!

Here are some of our favourite picks and their flexible styles for your life outside iso…

The Riviera Linen PJ Set

Being a homebody has never been more stylish. Featuring a beautiful tailored oversized cut, breathable linen fibres, and soft pastel hues, our Riviera PJ Set has quickly become one of our go-to closet pieces! Whether it’s styled with slippers and a cup of coffee for a WFH day, or jeans and some strappy sandals for a picnic in the park, the Riviera PJ Set encapsulates the two commandments of being a true homebody: comfort and style.

Remember… the art of lounging is a state of mind, meaning you can lounge wherever, whenever! Although, our Riviera Linen PJ Set does make it a little easier!

Our style tip for the homebody’s… Match our Riviera Linen PJ Set with one of our gorgeous selection of coffee table books, to truly indulge in your homebody dreams!

The Linen Short PJ Set

Lounging into the summer months? We got you. The Linen Short PJ Set is there for you… in sickness and in health, in comfort and in style! We’re serious… we never want to take ours off! But that’s okay, because whether your mornings look like stylish lounging with a good book, a beautiful walk along the beach, or a quick trip to the shops, the Linen Short PJ Set can be worn as a set, or paired with your other favourite wardrobe pieces, to create the perfect artful loungewear outfit for any occasion!

Our Linen Short PJ Set features light, airy linen fibres, and a beautiful short tailored cut, to take your art of lounging into the warmer seasons.

Being a true homebody means embracing your comfort and style, and this set encapsulates the essence of that. And, of course, it’s also perfect for snuggling into bed on those warm summer nights…making it every homebody’s dream!

Our style tip for the homebody’s… Match our Linen Short PJ Set with an aromatic tea from our selection of Byron Bay Tea Co’s hand blended teas, for your perfect summer mornings…the essence of being a homebody!

The Petra Long PJ Set

This one’s for our homebody’s who want nothing more than a good snuggle in luxurious, tailored style… say hellooo to the Petra Long PJ Set! While we love to indulge our lounging lifestyle outside of the bedroom, sometimes it’s nice to bring it back to basics. Remember, easy Sunday’s are important holidays for homebody’s!

And we’re making your easy Sunday’s that little bit extra stylish and comfortable (two terms that are, of course, synonymous with Sunday), with breathable fibres, soft pastel hues, and comfortable tailored cuts.

While us homebody’s love to take our style to the beach, office, park or street, it’s important to remember sometimes that the art of lounging also means letting ourselves be at home, and comfortable.

Our style tip for the homebody’s… Match our Petra Long PJ Set with one of our soft, silky Homebodii eyemasks, to lull you into a peaceful, comfortable, and of course stylish slumber of an evening.

As the world opens up again, the art of lounging and being a true homebody isn’t coming to an end, we promise! Homebodii’s loungewear will take your style and comfort beyond the bedroom, all while capturing the essence of being a homebody. Let’s reinvent the meaning of everyday style!