The House on Sunningdale x Homebodii's Unforgettable Christmas Shoot

Explore The House on Sunningdale, a unique Gold Coast destination known for its architecture and ambiance. Dive into the magic of Christmas through a photoshoot capturing festive moments in this elegant space.

Discover the allure of Homebodii, a luxury brand chosen for its exquisite designs. The Christmas Pyjamas added a unique flair to the shoot, complementing the festive spirit. Featuring models Thelma Williams, Sophie Alyssa Hall, and Rachel Scott, this collaboration blends style, luxury, and festive charm.

Tell us about your business, The House on Sunningdale, and what sets it apart on the Gold Coast?

The House on Sunningdale was established back in 2021, our home is an exquisite location that has become a popular choice for brands and models looking for a location with a difference, offering luxurious unique architectural features and with a sophisticated ambience.

Share the enchantment of your Christmas shoot at The House on Sunningdale. What inspired you?

Christmas is our favourite time of the year, and at The House on Sunningdale, we decided to share the enchantment of the season through a collaborative Christmas photoshoot. Transforming our elegant spaces into a scene to create ‘Christmas Magic at The House on Sunningdale’, we partnered with a talented photographer Kim Manalang to capture the magic of Christmas and some holiday images or small family portraits. Our goal was to create not just photographs but timeless memories for people to share. From cosy moments to laughter-filled scenes in our festively decorated home. This Christmas shoot is our way of inviting people to share our location to experience the magic of the holidays at The House on Sunningdale.

What do you adore about Homebodii, and how does it enhance your festive photoshoot?

I have been a customer of Homebodii ever since I purchased my first pair of pyjamas for myself, I love the brand and is now my go-to for gifts for my friends and loved ones, particularly during the Christmas season with the Christmas collection. The Jerry Frenchie Christmas Pyjamas are a favourite of mine, resonating with my love for Frenchie’s as I have two of my own. The monogramming service provided by Homebodii is a beautiful touch, adding something unique to any gift. I love Homebodii's beautiful designs, the products ooze luxury, making them perfect gifts, especially for the festive season.

Why did you choose Homebodii's Christmas Pyjamas and how did they add a unique flair to the experience of the shoot?

I chose Homebodii's Christmas Pyjamas for our shoot because of their Christmas range designs that perfectly captured the spirit of the season. Homebodii's unique flair added an extra layer of charm to the entire photoshoot. The luxurious quality of the pyjamas elevated the aesthetics of our scenes. The result was a collection of images that not only showcased the beauty of The House on Sunningdale but also highlighted the attention to detail and festive spirit brought by Homebodii's Christmas range. It was the perfect collaboration of style and luxury, creating a truly memorable and visually enchanting experience.


Thelma Williams @thelmarodriguezwilliams
Sophie Alyssa Hall @sophiiee_alyssa
Rachel Scott @rachellouise_87 – Owner of The House on Sunningdale


Kim Manalang @kimportraits_