The Real Secret to Happiness is Fresh PJ's & Clean Sheets

The real secret to happiness is clean sheets and fresh pyjamas!

Picture this: it's summertime in Australia, you have just moisturised your sunkissed skin after a day at the beach and you hop into bed with clean crisp sheets wearing new pyjamas, can you name a better feeling?


It truly is the simplest pleasures in life that provide the utmost satisfacition. Studies show we spend atleast 26 years or one third of our life in bed, so lets make it comfortable - get that new year fresh PJ feeling with Homebodii.

A survery of peoples favourite feel good moments was recently undertaken by 2000 people, results showed crisp bedding and fresh pyjamas took top place with over two thirds of overall participants choosing it!

Homebodii strives to maintain their responsible manufacturing standards. To achieve this our products are made from certified TENCEL™ material derived from sustainably harvested wood pulp and created using environmentally considerate processes. 

Your best night sleep will always be in materials that are created consciously with care and arent irritable on your delicate skin. Slip into your best night’s sleep wearing sleepwear that looks amazing, makes you feel confident and doesn’t cost the Earth.

While we would all love to have crisp clean sheets every night, washing our linens every day is simply a task no one wants to do, its not a viable use of time nor is it environmentally sustainable. However there are other wasy that feeling can be achieved with Homebodiis Linen & Room Mist. Spray a dash of our gorgeous peony & marshmellow scent between layers or while fluffing the pillows, you will be surprised how much your own bedroom can feel like a luxurious hotel escape