Vogue Vibes: Bridesmaid Boxes Approved by Our It-Girl Influencers

We're unveiling our top picks of 4 influencers handpicked by Homebodii. Each bridesmaid box tells a story of friendship and shared moments, making the act of proposing an emotional and stylish affair that you can take inspiration from for your #BridesmaidProposal.



Tammy and Matt, who have been dating for three months, recently got engaged during a holiday in the Maldives. Tammy, who has been engaged twice before, shared a heartwarming video of the proposal on Instagram, expressing her joy and gratitude. The couple is ready to build a life together after a whirlwind romance.

What's In Tammy's Bridesmaid Box?

In the magical embrace of a Maldivian sunset, Tammy Hembrow said "yes" to Love Island Australia star Matt Zukowski. The enchanting photos capture the surprise and joy as Matt proposed on the sandy shore, presenting Tammy with a dazzling diamond ring. Tammy's Instagram caption reflects the moment's depth: "Never in my life have I felt so safe, so loved, so understood, so cared for. What a plot twist you were." Their engagement, set against the stunning backdrop, marks the beginning of a new chapter filled with genuine love and happiness.



Perth-based influencer Em Davies, boasting an impressive following of over half a million online, received a heartfelt proposal from Joel during a enchanting trip to New York this week. Without delay, the 28-year-old Em joyfully shared the exciting news with her devoted Instagram followers.

What's In Em's Bridesmaid Box?

On the 11th of December, amidst the breathtaking seaside backdrop, Em Davies orchestrated a special bridesmaid proposal at a charming Perth restaurant. Surrounded by five beautiful bridesmaids, Em thoughtfully curated individual boxes for her friends, creating lasting memories that they will cherish forever.



Ashleigh Uynh, immersed in the tropical paradise of Fiji, recently said "yes" to a life-changing proposal. Surrounded by the pristine beauty of the islands, Ashleigh and her partner embraced the magic of the moment. With the azure waters as their witness, their engagement marks the beginning of a beautiful journey together.

What's In Ashleigh's Bridesmaid Box?

Immersed in the enchanting ambiance of Franca Brasserie, Ashleigh celebrated her bridesmaid proposal in style. The venue, cherished for its impeccable aesthetics, delectable cuisine, crafted cocktails, and alluring vibes, proved to be a perfect choice. With its captivating atmosphere, Franca Brasserie now holds a special place in Ashleigh's heart, making it one of her favourite restaurants in Sydney.



Perth's renowned fashion personality, Agatha Wichert, added a noteworthy piece to her collection—a splendid diamond. She delightedly announced her engagement to Troy Linney, her partner of (then) five years and heir to the prestigious Linneys Jewellery empire. The romantic proposal unfolded over three years ago, signifying a captivating new chapter in Agatha's life, adorned with love and timeless elegance.

What's In Agatha's Bridesmaid Box?

Late last year, Agatha had the pleasure of inviting three remarkable women to join her as bridesmaids. One resides in Perth, while the other two call Sydney home. Fortuitously, all three found themselves in Perth simultaneously. Seizing this opportunity, Agatha orchestrated a delightful get-together, presenting each bridesmaid with a thoughtfully curated gift box containing essentials for the upcoming big day.