Voted The Best Women’s Pyjamas in Australia for 2023

Thank you VOGUE

In the realm of style, Homebodii has claimed the spotlight, named the Best Women’s Pyjamas in Australia for 2023 by Vogue. The article praises our brand for effortlessly blending elegance and comfort, emphasizing the notion that style need not rest, even within the confines of one's home.

Vogue's blurb paints a vivid picture of Homebodii’s appeal—a mellow satisfaction in wearing something more refined during downtime. Whether it's an airy linen blouse paired with ruffled-hem drawstring shorts or a lustrous silk button-up over fluid trousers, Homebodii's matching pyjama sets promise a polished and put-together feel with zero effort.

If you enjoy sleeping in style, Homebodii’s satin pyjama sets will prove perfect for you. One of the brand's latest iterations comes in three chic colorways (think: white, black, and pink), featuring a boxy fit and a dropped sleeve for maximum comfort— a testament to Homebodii's commitment to stylish yet comfortable sleepwear.

The favourites, according to Vogue, include Homebodii's enchanting plumed deux-piece alongside minimalist, bohemian sets from other labels. This recognition solidifies Homebodii's position at the forefront of stylish sleepwear, where comfort meets sophistication.

As we celebrate our victory, it's evident that the Homebodii brand has redefined the art of sleepwear. Vogue's acknowledgment affirms our commitment to making every moment, even in slumber, a stylish affair. We're congratulating ourselves for earning the prestigious title of the Best Women’s Pyjamas in Australia for 2023—a well-deserved accolade for a brand that seamlessly blends comfort and style.