Wedding Colour of the Year Unveiled for 2024

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Marseille Bleu

The chosen colour for weddings globally for 2024.

We're dreaming of the sun-kissed charm of the French Mediterranean coast, the vibrant strokes of Yves Klein's artistry, and the dynamic allure of Marseille Bleu - the chosen wedding colour of the year for 2024. An experience waiting to unfold on your wedding day - Marseille Bleu effortlessly transitions from the city lights to the sandy shores, bringing a touch of class to both black-tie affairs and barefoot beach celebrations.

Marseille Bleu is the chameleon of wedding colours, effortlessly embodying classic or modern vibes, feminine or masculine energy, and the coolness of winter or the warmth of summer. Its adaptability makes it a standout choice for couples planning any style of celebration. After a year dominated by bold pinks (thanks to Barbie), the calming cobalt tones of Marseille Bleu offer a refreshing and sophisticated choice for the next wave of weddings for 2024.

Tradition meets modernity with the timeless wedding adage of something old, something borrowed, something new, and something blue. Marseille Bleu takes center stage as the ideal 'something blue,' offering endless possibilities for incorporation. From fashion accessories to design elements, this shade opens up a world of creative opportunities for every couple.

The punchiness of cobalt seamlessly blending into your wedding color palette - Marseille Bleu can take center stage or play the role of an energetic accent to softer hues like pale peaches, creams, and yellows. Whether it graces your reception tables or subtly appears in your bouquet or accessories, Marseille Bleu adds a touch of vibrancy to your special day.

In the world of wedding colors, Marseille Bleu stands out as the go-to choice for couples seeking a balance of boldness and sophistication. Whether you're a modern trendsetter or a classic romantic, Marseille Bleu is the canvas on which you can paint the picture of your perfect day.