Winter Morning Routine

If you’re anything like us at homebodii you too find waking up and getting ready during winter a difficult task. Wrapping yourself into a blanket burrito and keeping warm sounds inviting, however, it will not help you smash your goals for the coming day. That’s why homebodii has created a simple morning routine to help make your winter mornings a breeze.

Stretch instead of snoozing.

Instead of rolling over to click the snooze button, roll over and stretch! Stretching is a great way to wake both your mind and body. Whilst remaining in bed take a deep breath and reach to your toes for a count of 3, then raise your arms to the sky and release that breath. Stretching will not only help your body to release any stress or tension held from the previous day but will help warm up your cold winter bones!

Drink some water.

When ultimate beauty queen Rosie Huntington-Whiteley wakes up she drinks a whole litre of water, and we think you should too... okay maybe that seems a lot but after a nights rest your body becomes easily dehydrated and getting some H2O into your system will help rejuvenate your body. If water is too boring for your taste, try a glass of warm water with splash of lemon juice or a cup of Green Tea for added antioxidants. If you’re feeling extra adventurous put the water in a cute glass, make it exciting!

Plus tip: Write a to-do list and prepare for the day ahead whilst getting hydrated.

Eat your breakfast.

Put on your favourite winter robe, we suggest the Lush Plush Robe, and head to the kitchen to create a warm hearty breakfast. During the colder months take the time to fuel your body with a healthy and warm meal that will benefit your stomach as well as your soul. Oats with cinnamon is a great way to kick start your metabolism, warm your tummy and fill you up!

Take care of your skin.

Moisturising during winter is extremely important. Your skin can become drier, flakier and therefore stiffer, making your skin more vulnerable to infections and outbreaks. Just because it's gloomy in winter doesn’t mean your skin has to be! Be sure to get a moisturiser with some SPF, as even though the sun has dimmed its shine, during the winter months the ultra violet light can still penetrate your skin.

Winter Night Routine

Sometimes unwinding after a long day can become a chore. The thought of jumping straight into bed, putting on Netflix and passing out sounds enticing and inviting, however, it isn’t the best route to take. We have some simple steps to help get you into a healthy winter night time routine that will benefit your sleeping self!

Get a warm shower / put on your favourite pyjamas.

Jump in the shower and wash the day off! The warm water will steam your pores and rejuvenate your soul. Since it’ll be chilly as you exit the shower quickly dry and jump straight into your favourite long pyjamas and prepare for the winter night ahead, perhaps the Aria Long Pyjama Set.

Moisturise… again!

Dry, flaky and stiff skin can ruin your entire day so prevent it from happening the night before, after completing your usual skin care routine (we all know what works best for us) slather on that moisturiser all over, and don’t forget your lips!

Robe in image: Homebodii's Helena Long Robe

Enjoy a book.

Help your brain and eyes out by enjoying a good book before bed. Getting yourself into a reading routine before bed has a large variety of health benefit. According to the National Sleep Foundation, a calming reading ritual can help your body and mind differentiate sleep from the stresses of daily existence. Who else is guilty of saying “just one more episode” and end up staying awake until 3AM?!

Bralette in image: Homebodii's Ava Bralette in Blush

Have a cuppa.

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you have to be as well! Relax and warm up with a delicious cup of hot tea, we suggest a chamomile blend. It will soothe your thoughts, reduce stress, boost your immunity system and will help send you off into a nice sleep. You’ll feel your eyelids start to get heavy after finishing off half the cup, and will feel warm from the inside out!

Robe in image: Homebodii's Lush Plush Robe in Pumice

Invest in humidifier with essential oils.

Essential oils and humid air can work wonders for you during winter. A humidifier allows for moisture to be brought back into the dry environment that usually comes with the winter period. It benefits your skin, sinuses and will help you keep your glow. Essential oils like lavender and ylang ylang will help you relax, get to sleep and stay asleep.


If you have any tips or tricks that help you throughout winter, lets us know in the comments! x

June 18, 2018 — Ashley Pilkinton
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