Your wedding day essentials for a stress-free day

You’ve planned every last detail of your fairy-tale wedding from the flowers to the table setting to the guest list, catering and of course, your dream wedding dream. And to ensure you have a seamless and stress-free day that you can truly enjoy every single minute of, there are a few wedding day essentials to organise ahead of the day including your pre-wedding outfit, snacks, bridal make-up for touch ups throughout the day and more.

Read on as we share your wedding day essentials for a smooth, stress-free wedding day.


Wedding day essentials

Getting ready outfit: a bridal robe or personalised pyjamas

You’ve got your dream dress, but you’ll also need something glamorous and practical on the big day to get ready in. A beautiful bridal robe or chic personalised pyjamas are the stylish, comfortable getting-ready option for brides around the world. Plus, they’re a flawless choice for pre-wedding, getting-ready photos.


Our exquisite collection of bridal robes is where you’ll find your perfect pre-wedding bridal robe. Whether you love the romance of a lace robe like our Kassiah Long Lace Robe or a floaty feminine chiffon robe such as our Farrah Long Lace Chiffon Robe or an elegant bridal satin like our Jasmine Robe in white, we have something that will suit every bride.

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If chic personalised pjs are how you imagined getting ready for your wedding, look to our luxurious pyjama collection – all of which can be personalised to make your big day even more unique. Our Toni satin pyjamas in long or short sleeved are a bridal favourite both on the wedding day and forever after.

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“I wore this as I was getting ready for my wedding and it was perfect. The lace is so soft, I love that it has short sleeves (uncommon for robes, but perfect for not having to worry about getting a sleeve in your make-up AND not getting overheated in a room full of ladies with hairdryers, curling irons, etc). I got so many compliments…”

— Natalie S. Verified Homebodii Buyer

Homebodii Farrah Long Lace Chiffon Robe

Getting ready shoes: luxury slippers

Don’t forget footwear! Add a pair of luxury slippers to your wedding day kit for the ultimate in comfort and style as you get ready to say “I do”. Slip into a pair of our velvety soft Florence slippers or sparkling Lady Daphne Glitter slippers on your big day.

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Bridal party gifts

Thinking of gifting your bridal party a special something to say thank you for being with you on your big day? There’s nothing more memorable than a pre-wedding gifting moment and we have divine bridesmaid gift hampers that make for the perfect bridal party gift. Add your bridesmaid hampers to your wedding day essentials kit.  

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Wedding day essentials kit

Last but not least, a few practical items to include in your wedding day essentials kit:

  • A small clutch or purse to hold make-up and mints
  • Make-up for touch ups: lipstick, lip gloss, blotting paper (to keep your foundation fresh)
  • Small purse-sized mirror
  • Mints
  • Tissues (someone is going to cry!)
  • Nail polish in the colour of your manicure in case of any chips on the day
  • Bobby pins, silk scrunchies and hairspray
  • Water
  • Healthy, energy-giving snacks like fruit, nuts or muesli bars
  • Your wedding day fragrance
  • Deodorant (it’s easy to forget!)
  • A couple of phone chargers
  • Stain remover pen
  • Band-Aids, hand sanitiser, paracetamol
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Dancing shoes to change into if you’re planning on hitting the dance floor